What is WisaBox?

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What is WisaBox?

WisaBox makes watching your favorite content seamlessly through your TV. Watch TV shows, stream music and more directly through your television.


Entertainment is just a WisaBox away. Using our effortless interface, our Internet-Based Streaming Box users are able to enjoy TV from around the world in an easy, intuitive way.

Browse 1000s of Channels

Enjoy hundreds of free channels and TV subscriptions. Watch original movies, sports, on-demand movies and more.

Take advantage of a seamless internet-based streaming box that feeds quality content straight to your television via an HDMI cable. It’s that simple.

Easy Streaming

WisaBox is here to make your entertainment life easy. Every WisaBox is packed with hundreds of free channels to enjoy right out of the box. While we charge a monthly subscription, users have open access to a plethora of content. You choose what you pay for and what you don’t. Our Internet-Based Streaming Box launched the first product designed to deliver movies instantly on TV, using the power of the Internet. Since then, our best-selling WisaBox streaming players have become synonymous with amazing choice, control, and value in TV entertainment. Join us and be a part of the WisaBox revolution.

We Make it Easy. Glide through screens, soar through channels, and find what you want to watch instantly with the flick of your phone or click of your remote. With its simple design and quick reflexes, the Internet-Based Streaming Box interface never stands between you and your entertainment. Before you know it, you’ll be off in streaming wonderland.

Our seamless movie database makes it simple to watch movies or shows with little to no effort. Even catch up on current events and sports right from the home screen brought to you by a clean interface. No extra account setup required.

WisaBox is a content aggregator and is in no way responsible for the content streamed to individual boxes. All responsibility for any type of box usage is at the discreton of the box owner.